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London Keto Meet Up 18.08.2019

We had an amazing time during the last London Keto meet-up at Yummzy Café in Greenwich. First, thank you to all the organisers! Girls, you’ve done an amazing job getting everybody together! Some people travelled a long way to meet us so hats off to you for that! Second, massive thank you for the amazing host – Yummzy – Sinfully Guiltless Desserts, you’ve done a great job! Such an amazing organisation. Your cakes are absolutely delicious! Can’t believe they are vegan, gluten free and low carb!

It was lovely to meet so many like-minded people. Our little keto-community is definitely the best! Everybody is so kind, supportive and friendly. Each single one of you is a massive inspiration. We all are different; our stories are different, and our motivations vary. It’s so lovely to find out how keto changed our lives, health, quality, wellbeing, made us more creative and aware of things. We gained knowledge that is irreplaceable, and we lost kilograms that we don’t need 😉 Keto / Low carb diet is definitely the way to go.

I didn’t count exactly how many people came but I’d guess that about 50 or more, what is a great success. Keto is getting more and more popular here in UK. One person mentioned that she organised keto meet up back in 2015 and only 3 people turned up! Now the community is growing. I found it fascinating to meet so many people that you know from social media and finally put a face to the name! I’m looking forward to see you all again (and hopefully even more people will join).

London Keto Meet Up 08.08.2019