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My name is Marta and ‘Sugarfree by Marta’ is my small, artisan bakery which offers a range of keto, low-carb, sugar free, paleo and diabetes friendly cakes and breads.

I have been on a ketogenic diet since January 2018. It was my new year’s resolution to start to eat healthily, to cut down on the carbohydrates, lose some weight and feel more positive energy.

In the beginning, my transition from a high carbohydrate diet to a very low intake seemed impossible. I couldn’t imagine my life without desserts, sweet snacks, bread, pasta, rice etc. in the long-term.

But here I am, I’ve maintained my lifestyle and my life is thriving. I feel happier, healthier, slimmer and definitely more motivated to help others achieve their goals.

I know, from my own experience, that sweet treats and delicious sandwiches can be very tempting. So I started experimenting in my own kitchen, creating very low in carbohydrate cakes that are not only delicious but are also healthy!

Who wouldn’t like to eat cakes that are actually good for you?! Exactly! 🙂

A low carb diet is brilliant, and the possibilities are endless. You don’t need sugar nor wheat flour to be able to bake. However, I realised there weren’t any products like the recipes I’d been creating available in UK! I thought it would be very useful for the whole keto / low-carb community to have an access to all these goodies. That’s what inspired me to open ‘Sugarfree by Marta’. I am extremely passionate about it and I want to share this guilt-free pleasure with all of you. Now you can actually enjoy being on the diet! You can still lose weight without missing out on cakes during birthday parties or other big occasions. You can now have a pudding after dinner or a delicious sandwich for lunch whilst still maintaining ketosis.

Currently I offer a range of sugar free cakes and bread, that are often gluten free, and don’t raise blood sugar or insulin levels. Please search by category to choose the perfect product for you.

If you decide to try any of the goodies that I offer, please share your experience with me on Instagram or Facebook @sugarfreebymarta. I’d love to hear from you. Your opinion really matters to me.

Important Note:

Most of my cakes contain nuts, milk, eggs and erythritol (see item descriptions for details).

Please bear in mind that all cakes are made in a kitchen that handles peanuts, sesame seed, gluten.

Disclaimer: Although the cakes are packed with extra care, I can’t guarantee that they will arrive in immaculate condition. For this reason, they are non-refundable. Please note that it is important to be available for delivery as your goods are fresh! Please read my very simple Terms&Conditions

I offer a 24-48h courier delivery within Mainland Britain (Delivery charge applies).

I also offer local collection from Ashford in Kent (collection day and time to be agreed).


Facebook/Instagram/Tik Tok: @sugarfreebymarta