Jam – Strawberry with stevia and erythritol 200 g


Strawberry Jam with stevia and erythritol 200 g

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Fruit preparations sweetened with stevia are our proposal for an excellent and healthy ingredient of dishes and desserts. What is worth emphasizing, they are made only from high quality frozen fruit, not from previously mashed fruit masses. Produced on the basis of refined and protected recipes, they are a rich source of vitamins and nutritional values ​​with an excellent, unique taste. The use of stevia instead of sugar reduces their caloric content without losing the taste values ​​that are at the highest level here.

A favourite taste of childhood. A fluffy omelette with strawberries and vanilla cheese or pancakes with strawberry jam are enjoyable unforgettable moments. We are happy not only because of their refreshing smell, tempting appearance and sweet taste, but also because they have a positive effect on our health and beauty.

Although it seems unlikely, strawberry contains more vitamin C than citrus fruit. In addition, it contains B vitamins, including vitamins B1 and B2, and vitamin PP, which among other things keeps the skin in good condition and ensures proper functioning of the nerves and digestive tract. In strawberries, we also find a rich source of organic salts which improve metabolism as well as pectin, which cleanses the intestines of food residues and has a positive effect on the natural bacterial flora.

The excellent consistency and unique taste blends perfectly with fresh bread or dessert. The use of stevia instead of sugar characterizes our product with a lower caloric content than traditional jams.

Fruit product. Contains sweeteners. Ingredients: strawberry 70%, apple juice, sweeteners (erythritol, steviol glycosides 0,05%), gelling substance (pectin), acidity regulator (citric acid).

Nutritional information per 100 g
energy 502kJ / 119kcal
fat <0,5g
in which:
– saturated
carbohydrates 20g
in which:
– sugars
– sugar alcohol (polyols)
dietary fiber 1,3g
protein 0,5g
salt <0,01g

Information for diabetics
1WW= 81g by SGGW

Brand: Pure&Good

Once opened store in the fridge for 7 days