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Keto Tortilla Wrap and Burger Wrap. Magic Dough recipes part 3

You can create some really comforting food with our Magic Dough mix. It is very quick and easy. Simply mix the content of the package with water and a bit of oil and fry. This time I’d like to present 2 new ideas: Keto trotilla wrap and burger wrap.

  1. Keto Burger Wrap – Roll out te dough quite thin and fill with cooked burger and your favourite toppings – wrap as per the video below – fry in oil for about 3-4 min on each side (a bit longer where you have thicker, double layer).

2. Keto tortilla wrap – Roll the dough out as thin as possible, cot out a circle and dry fry 2 min on each side. Then fill it with cooked chicke or minced meat, some vegetables and cheese. It’s good idea to wrap it all in aluminium foil and pop it to the oven 175C for 10 min so it all nicely melts together.

Are you going to try it? I’d love to see how it went 🙂 Enjoy!

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