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How you can use our new Magic Dough; part 1

I called this new low carb DIY Mix a ‘Magic Dough’ for a reason! It is the most versitile product ever! From tortilla wraps, flat bread or tacos to dumplings or spring rolls ! It can be enjoyed savoury or sweet! For traditional wraps and flat bread simply fry it on a dry pan. But you can also get creative with deep frying! With this new keto friendly Magic Dough you will be able to create the most comforting food you can imagine. And it tastes just like a traditional thing. You won’t know it’s keto.

It’s so easy to make! All essential ingredients to prepare your perfect dough are in the bag; simply add water, teaspoon of olive oil and job done! The dough is extremely easy to work with, it’s not sticky or messy. One bag contains 2 servings. One serving has only 2g carbohydrates!

In this post I’d like to show you 2 keto flat bread ideas.

  1. Keto Garlic naan bread:

2. Keto Mexican tacos:

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