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Delicious keto no-oat porridge

Many of us can’t imagine breakfast without porridge. It’s especially hard when you follow keto diet because as a principle oats are a ‘no, no’. But I found the way around it. This is an amazing keto friendly no-oats porridge recipe which you will love. And I highly recommend to serve it with one of my new sweet keto spreads – it will bring it to the next level!

For 1 portion you’ll need: 8g chia seeds, 8 g milled flax seeds, 8g erythritol, 5g dessiccated coconut, 5g vanilla whey protein isolate, 130g of your favourite milk, Sugarfree by Marta keto spread (any flavour).

Method: Mix together all dry ingredients. Add milk and mix. Microwave for 60 seconds. Stir, then top with our delicious keto spread and voila!

See the video recipe below or head to my Tik Tok or Instagram channel @sugarfreebymarta and find it in the Reels section.

Keto no oat porridge video recipe
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